You provide the hook.

We go to work.

Our Philosophy

It’s simple. If we love what you sell, we can sell it to somebody else. If you sell manure in a bucket, you can bet we’ll be first in line come springtime, and we’ll be customers for life. On the rare occasion when we can’t love your product, we’ll honestly tell you why upfront and save both of us time and money.

Who are we?

A husband-and-wife team who manage a group of planners, creatives, and coders to get your projects in the door quickly and out the door — clean, crisp, and ready to sell.

Brent Miller
“I usually ‘write’ the first draft while talking out loud or doodling in my notebook. There’s that moment when we’re talking about the product or the customer or the client — or all three — and I hear the big idea. There’s always a rush to write it down before it gets away. It’s a thrill every single time. After that moment, the anxiety disappears and things get fun.”

Suzanna Miller
“I’m the quiet one who actually does most of the work.”

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